The River Road Story

At River Road Jet Boats we believe that innovation should be the standard, not the exception. If you've operated a traditional outboard jet, take everything you know and forget it.  We believe it is a new era for the outboard jet.


We have 20 years combined experience building and modifying and designing boats. We started by modifying jon boats. They almost fit our fishing needs. Over the years we concluded there was no single boat you could buy that had all the features a shallow water enthusiast wants in an affordable package, including the versatility of a standard outboard boat.


It was time to design our own. In 2012, we started to work with the concept of a closed tunnel system on an outboard jet.


We thought of all the advantages this could bring to the traditional outboard jet market. After a few working prototypes, we knew we had our winner. It became the boat you see on these pages.



Please note that we will only be responding to email questions directly related to the boats we manufacture. Thank you.

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