What sets us apart:

Our boats start as one continuous flat sheet of marine grade aluminum.  Structural members are made of tempered aircraft grade aluminum. All hull elements are cut on a waterjet cutting table designed to ensure consistency and precision from boat to boat.



All River Road Jet Boats are powered by Mercury Outboard Jets. These quiet, fuel efficient motors are clean and reliable.



River Road Jet Boats offers two hull packages. Our standard package consists of 3/8" UHMW and 1/8" sides, bottom and transom. Our heavy duty package consists of 1/2" UHMW and 3/16" bottom. All hulls are fully welded inside and out. All stringers are continuously welded. The stringers have a longitudinal orientation. This is designed to ensure longevity.



Our integrated reverse chines and our modified V delta pad/tunnel combination are designed to allow for superior handling and to eliminate cavitation as a problem. This is due to two design features – our advance hull design and our Closed Tunnel Nozzle System (patent pending). With these two features working for you, we strive to set a new standard in durability and performance.


Please note that we will only be responding to email questions directly related to the boats we manufacture. Thank you.

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