The River Road Closed Tunnel Nozzle System

The difference between us and all the others


Your journey begins here. It has always been our goal to bring innovation to the outboard jet industry.


We wanted a boat that could turn on dime, operate efficiently in extreme shallow water conditions, add a new level of protection for the operating system and add a new level of confidence for the shallow water enthusiast.


We also wanted to increase efficiency by eliminating cavitation in rough or calm water. We started by looking at inboard jets. How could we build the benefits of an inboard jet into the convenience of an outboard jet?


Our answer was to developed our Closed Tunnel Nozzle System. This system is designed to add superior protection to the intake and pump. It was also design requirement that it mount using existing hardware on the outboard jet pump.


We feel our design allows you to enjoy dramatically improved steering and handling characteristics in a variety of conditions.

Please note that we will only be responding to email questions directly related to the boats we manufacture. Thank you.

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